EV ETX Series


The new ETX Powered Loudspeakers family builds upon the industry‑leading innovation and 85‑year heritage of Electro‑Voice audio engineering to offer the most advanced professional portable powered loudspeakers available today.

A versatile high‑end choice for live entertainment venues, rental companies, pro musicians and DJs, and installed sound, the ETX Powered Loudspeakers family features three two‑way models (10‑inch, 12‑inch and 15‑inch, all with a precision HF titanium compression driver), a three‑way model (15‑inch with a 6.5‑inch MF driver and a precision HF titanium compression driver) and two subs (15‑inch and 18‑inch drivers).

Positioned above the ZLX and Live X families respectively, ETX Powered Loudspeakers complete a trio of recent EV portable loudspeaker offerings‑each of which was designed to bring best‑in‑class performance to its price point.

Inside each low‑profile, tour‑grade wood enclosure are a range of unique new features that set ETX Powered Loudspeakers apart, combining intelligent technology and innovative industrial design for spectacular results across all applications. EV‑engineered high‑efficiency transducers and high‑powered Class‑D amplifiers, Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) waveguide design and smart FIR‑Drive DSP all work together to provide peerless EV sound quality and precise coverage at the highest SPLs.

ETX Powered Loudspeakers employ the same proprietary PAL and TEMP limiters developed for our concert loudspeakers.

Not all limiters are created equal: EV spends a lot of design effort on making sure its processing is as acoustically transparent as possible.

The limiters are displayed on the rear LCD and on the front-grille LED.

ETX Powered Loudspeakers also use the same proprietary FIR-Drive that was developed for our concert loudspeakers. The filters are linear phase and use extremely steep crossover slopes.

Boundary compensation filters are included so that ETX Powered Loudspeakers sound the same whether it is used as a floor monitor, on a tripod or suspended from a ceiling.

The Class-D design of the amplifier is highly efficient and features blower-controlled thermal management, allowing it to work in hot environments. The fan is of a very quiet design and does not turn on under normal circumstances.

In addition to industry-standard pink noise abuse tests, all models must survive EV’s proprietary 1000-hour torture test that uses real-world signals driven beyond full output.




Eight mounting points for permanent installations (full-range models).

All ETX Powered Loudspeaker components are been designed from the ground up by Electro-Voice. No off-the-shelf components are used.

18-mm, 13-ply birch plywood with EVCoat is used throughout the product line, a combination that offers best-in-class looks and durability.

The handles, pole cups and amplifier chassis are die-cast aluminium, not plastic.

Unique to the industry, with multiple design and utility patents.

Third generation (after Tour X FM and ZLX models).

Waveguides custom-designed and optimized per ETX Powered Loudspeaker model.

This allows EV to design the waveguide to have uniform beamwidth response throughout the waveguide’s passband and allows a smooth transition between woofer beamwidth and waveguide beamwidth.

This also allows EV to use much larger waveguides without making the speaker larger.

This optimization also achieves a flat sound power-critical to great sound in any application.

The waveguide is placed forward in the enclosure to help physically time-align the LF and HF transducers, minimizing the need for latency correction via DSP.

Placing the port under the waveguide positions it in its ideal acoustic location in the enclosure without spacing the woofer and driver apart. The port location minimizes distortion and standing waves inside the loudspeaker.

All waveguides are optimized using advanced simulation software and proprietary algorithms for precise control and lowest distortion.

EV's FIR-Drive utilizes the latest Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter technology to optimize transducer linearity. Advanced limiter algorithms for independent peak and thermal transducer protection.

Complete full-function DSP control via a single-knob interface. LCD screen for easy system set-up and monitoring: location/application EQ presets, limiter status, input level controls/meters and master volume control to ensure optimal gain structure. Subs feature a preset for true cardioid performance.

EV-patented Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) waveguide design provides precise and consistent coverage across all system configurations. Waveguides are custom-designed and optimized per ETX Powered Loudspeaker model.

State-of-the-art components deliver the legendary EV sound quality and reliability the pros trust: 1800 W (subs) and 2000 W (full-range) Class-D power amplifiers with integrated DSP produce high SPLs utilizing high-sensitivity, low-distortion transducers (including DVX and SMX series woofers and 1.25-inch HF titanium compression drivers).

Lightweight, durable and compact 18-mm, 13-ply birch plywood enclosures finished with EVCoat. Eight mounting points for permanent installations (full-range models). Custom die-cast aluminium pole cups, handles and hardware.